The idea of exhibiting art is something that has excited me for as long as I can remember. Before each exhibition, I find myself daydreaming about the reaction of my audience. I simply can’t wait for them to stop, think, and share in my visual experience. This is what spurs me on to create and makes me realize how lucky I am to be able to do what I love, every single day.

As soon as my newest collection The Cactus, was complete, Eden Fine Art invited me to share center stage with fellow artist Yoel Benharrouche at the ‘Garden of Eden’ exhibition. Of course, I accepted! Both myself and Yoel were to take part in the unveiling of our never seen before pieces before London’s ever-growing art scene and just like that, we started to plan.

On 14th March, members of London’s trendy art scene came together to share in a paradise of contemporary expression with a twist, an artistic heaven on earth full of natural imagery, and an exploration of innocence.

The theme is something that really spoke to me. You see, when I start to create the initial sketches of a piece, I am the leader. Then, there is a magical moment when the artwork starts to come alive and take the lead. There is no greater joy for me than that moment, which is an idea that the ‘Garden of Eden’ exhibition perfectly captured.

For one night only, Eden Fine Art Mayfair became a colorful playground complete with beautiful plants that weaved their way through the gallery courtesy of Palmbrokers set designers. A snake also made its way through the crowds acting as the perfect reminder of Eve’s fall from grace. Champagne and cocktails flowed throughout the evening, and the candy apples were simply divine! TV personality/DJ Will Best and ReviveHER records curated sounds of paradise, and Tanya Cracknell aka The Grime Violinist took my breath away with her incredible violin performance.

What I loved most, was the fact that I got to know members of my audience in an intimate setting and I want to thank all those that attended for their kind words about my latest pieces. Discussing my work with contemporary art lovers always excites me and I am so happy that I manage to touch people’s hearts. It feels like a very great love, the real reward for my existence here.

All in all, our ‘Garden of Eden’ was an exciting and emotional opportunity to celebrate art. I want to do it all again, so much so that I’ll be exhibiting with Eden Fine Art in the very near future! If like me, you just can’t wait, feel free to browse my collection page to be amongst the first to take a sneak peek at my latest collection.

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