Typography Art

Typography can be found all over the place. We see it in every text-based item, whether we notice it or not, from newspapers to blogs, advertising, infographics, and art. This is more than just a [...]

Continuous Line Art

Artists draw images using lines as fundamental elements, and they should have keen observation, excellent hand-eye coordination, and patience when drawing. They should also look to improve their [...]

Sculptural Painting

Painting and sculpture have been around for thousands of years, and we can date it as far back as the caveman times when people were painting images of their day’s hunts on the walls of [...]

Elongated Figures

Elongated figures in the art world come in many different shapes and sizes. The various elongated figures presented in art come in a multitude of mediums and can be seen throughout the ages in [...]

Pop Icon Sculptures

There are multiple art styles and forms, and pop icons are usually not considered to be as important for the history of art as other tendencies. This article discusses why it’s not the [...]

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