One of the greatest joys of sculpting is watching the evolution of your pieces as they wander the world in people’s homes, gardens, galleries, and hearts. Recently, I was commissioned to create a 3.5M version of my RENOIR DANCERS for a dear patron of the arts in Luxembourg, and on September 27th, I joined him at his home for the piece’s installation in his garden to celebrate with his close friends and family.


RENOIR DANCERS is inspired by Auguste Renoir’s “Dance in the Country,” and is part of my series ‘STUDYING THE MASTERS,’ a collection that reinterprets master works from various historical periods. In this collection, I have worked to give timeless pieces of art a new dimension, sometimes new shape and color. RENOIR DANCERS captures the energy, passion, and sensuality of the famous impressionist painting by Renoir, full of color and vitality.

Now, the monumental sculpture gracefully twirls in an outdoor collection among other great sculptors of the twentieth century including Venet, Culot, and Pagès. It was an emotional evening celebrating art and its transcendence of time. Art, as we keep learning, is truly timeless.

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