Elongated Figures

Elongated figures in the art world come in many different shapes and sizes. The various elongated figures presented in art come in a multitude of mediums and can be seen throughout the ages in the work of famous artists. You will be pleasantly surprised at the large variety of items that can be elongated in the minds of creative individuals.

This art style is dated back to the 15th century and captured people’s imaginations from all walks of life. In this article, we discuss this unique style of artwork and highlight some of the prominent artists throughout history. You will understand why elongated figures are essential in art by the end of this piece. Without further ado, let us begin!

What Does Elongated Mean in Art?

The first thing you may be wondering when reading about elongated figures in art is, “What are elongated figures?” This art and design style involves creating stretched and much more extended pieces than reality.

Something elongated is longer than usual or extended out further than expected. Painters like El Greco were well known for the strange, elongated figures they created.

Things can be elongated because they are stretched and pulled, while others describe items because they are skinny and long. Your tall skinny dad’s elongated body or a young woman’s elongated neck are excellent examples.

The word comes from Latin origins and is originally pronounced “elongate,” meaning to protract or prolong. This was an extension of “longus” or “long” in Latin.

Famous Elongated Figure Artists

History has shown us that artists don’t only like to use a canvas to make elongated art, and rightfully so. Freedom of expression is something that people crave, and artists are no different.

One of the most famous artists in history who created some significant elongated figure art pieces was no other than El Greco. This man lived from 1541 to 1614 and was a prominent architect, sculptor, and painter active during the Spanish Renaissance.

El Greco is best known for his drawings’ tortuous, elongated chest and bodies and often phantasmagorical or fantastic pigmentation. He was excellent at mixing this with tradition, which partially made his work so appreciated in the 20th century.

Another artist with famous pieces that features elongated figures is Picasso. “Don Quixote” is considered to be a minor masterpiece. It is a back-on-white, ubiquitous, sassy, and insightful drawing that was undoubtedly one of the most popular graphic representations known of Cervantes’s great character.

What Picasso liked to lend ideas from other objects in his environment, clearly seen in this unique drawing representing the metal artifact.

It is important to remember that El Greco did not only set the stage for elongated figures but was a leader in the style. Over the generations, many have celebrated this epic art form with a few special people leading the niche.

About Dorit Levinstein

Dorit Levinstein is one such artist who loves to create work that allows the viewer to step into a universe of colors, figures, and forms. She creates beautiful painted artwork and molds and shapes beautiful and elegant sculptures. Once her pieces are nearly complete, she stretches them out with exquisite elasticity so they form their long look.

What is incredible about Dorit’s work is that each of the twirling figures has rhythmic patterns and is painted in vivid colors. This makes these pieces stand out, and even though the design is rather simplistic, the work results from a sophisticated and creative process.

Later in her life, Dorit move over into sculpture, and aren’t you happy she did? Dorit’s work is exhibited in fine art galleries and private collections worldwide.

Elongated Art Work Around the World

Finding elongated artwork around the world has never been easier with the wonders of the internet. You can perform a quick Google search, and you will be able to find a host of unique and beautiful art pieces that stand out from the crowd.

If you are an art collector, a recommendation would be to choose work from a reputable artist and, if possible, make sure to get an original copy. With the above information in mind, you can ensure that you get the most prominent elongated figures that hold their value.

We spoke about Dorit Levinstein’s beautiful, elongated figures in the previous section and would highly suggest that you check out her work. She is an established artist with years of experience behind her name and is slowly becoming a legend in the sculpting corner of the art world.


Elongated figures in art have been around for 100s of years, and we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. With this unique style being so relative in the 21st century, we think the future artists are going to “Wow” us with their work.

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