I Love Icons: Inside the Collection

Dorit Levinstein’s “I Love Icons” series is amongst the artist’s most popular and beloved collections. Levinstein’s muses reign from all corners of our collective cultural consciousness. Her icons of choice include but not are not limited to musical and fine artists (Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Frida Kahlo), political figures and symbols (Queen Elizabeth, Che Guevara, the Statue of Liberty), and fictional characters (Barbie, Bart Simpson).

Dorit Levinstein - I Love Icons

I Love Icons: Behind the Scenes

According to Levinstein, we as a society consume our heroes the same way we consume Coca-Cola, toothpaste, or cereal. We’ve become collectively addicted to the gossip surrounding our modern icons, but pay no real interest in understanding their intimate dimensions.

“I look at them with naked eyes, free of any preconceived judgmental value,” Levinstein remarks of her cherished icons.

Her signature technique of using long, lean, airy lines to compose her original hand-painted bronze and aluminum sculptures is evident within the series, as is her whimsical use of bright colors and mismatched prints to bring fresh and exciting perspectives to famous faces from the world over. Levinstein purposely includes a variety of public figures indiscriminate of time, place, and sociocultural status, thus giving precious, timeless pieces of art new and diverse dimensions.

Exhibitions and Specs

The “I Love Icons” collection has been showed in fine public and private spaces around the globe, including but not limited to a critically acclaimed 2015 exhibition at the Plaza Athénée in Paris, as well as “The Beatles XL” large-scale monumental series which debuted in New York City and made its way to Paris and St. Tropez.

Dorit Levinstein - I Love Icons - BeatlesThe majority of the colorful bronze and aluminum sculptures within the series average between 60-85 centimeters in height, 45-66 centimeters in width, and 20-40 centimeters diagonally, whereas the XL monumentals are life-sized.

Any sculpture from Dorit Levinstein’s playful yet vivid “I Love Icons” collection is sure to be a bonafide conversation-starter and a joyful, timeless addition to any art collection.

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